Why Me

Candidate General Viewpoint


It would be of great satisfaction to myself that you would consider my decision to run for the office of Western Region Councillor as a serious one amongst othergood people seeking the post.

In advance of such a decision you should hear what my viewpoints and experiences in engineering are.

In a world where regulations of any kind appear to be deemed a threat to the business world that in many ways follows the money path, regulations are deemed to be a block to progress. As engineers we know that regulations based on sound engineering principles encompassing safety factors and other necessary evils, so to speak, in fact protect the public from breakdowns that can hurt and in some cases cause mortal injury. So I am supportive of maintaining sound and sensible regulations in the realm of engineering practice, however in this regard we must insist that our fellow engineering associates are all eminently qualified to practice professionally, and that in my estimation is only possible through licensing. Those who practice engineering without a license pose a threat to the safety of their work and the public. So you know where I stand on that.

The education of young people and enhancing their views about engineering are a major thrust of our chapter. I have been a part of that and we have good people on our executive doing their best to cultivate that interest.

With advancements in engineering technology to-day, there will be spectacular unforeseen advances beneficial to humanity in general, such as driverless cars allowing older people to remain as vehicle drivers. This alongside research to resolve ailments such as cancer will have an impact on people of all ages. Many successes due to science and technology enlarge the responsibilities of our engineering profession. We must be ready to accept that responsibility. We especially have to accept and respect the scientifically proven concept of climate change and be prepared to engage in corrective solutions to halt global warming by enacting such change. This will mean as we are doing, having close association with our elected representatives and advising them where needed.

We must support our country of Canada in its resolve to avoid wars and to remain involved in friendly trade agreements.

But how am I suited to the task of being your councilor. Let me tell you of my experience. I have been a part of the Georgian Bay Chapter since it’s so called restart in 2008. It has grown steadily over the years since and I have served as, treasurer, vice chair, chair, and past chair. I believe I am ready to take my experience forward to the position of councillor.

In speaking to chapter members throughout the jurisdiction I hear that I have their support.

And now here at this time I ask for your support.


Rup Dhawan P. Eng.

Past Chair


Georgian Bay Chapter.