Rup Dhawan

My Priorities

Let us make Chapter important for PEO regulatory and Safety Mandate.

We will work for Stronger Engineering Profession.


I am a passionate professional engineer with global experience in Power Generating Station Design and Start-up, presently employed with Bruce Power, the largest operating Nuclear Power Generating Station in the world. Apart from my professional experience, I have served for many years in various professional organizations. I am also an active member of the community and volunteer with various community engagements and mentorship programs. From 2009 to present I have been associated in different roles with the Georgian Bay Chapter of PEO as an Executive, Treasurer, Vice Chair and Chair.


I understand that the younger generation is our future, and I am truly passionate about mentoring various young aspiring engineers through the licensure process.


My priorities as a Western Region Councillor include the following:

  • Work to eliminate the “Industrial Exemption” for engineers. I will work within PEO’s regulatory mandate, including a focus on implementation, high professional standards and emerging disciplines. I will preserve and strengthen our profession’s self-governing, self-regulatory status with a main focus on public safety.
  • Increase member participation at the chapter level, as well as, broaden the base of PEO’s volunteers through events, an online presence and positive publicity.
  • Ensure that Chapters have increased power and budget, and less restrictions to enable them to serve the community fully. This includes a push for more involvement of Chapter members/ leaders in the PEO Head Office committees, and task forces. I will ensure a two-way communication exists between PEO Chapter members and their representatives. I will be regularly involved with Chapter activities and working to raise their profile and voice in the PEO Council.
  • Support collaborative working relationships with Ontario Society of Professional Engineers
  • Work to raise the profile of engineering professionals. Fewer people are taking interest in engineering as a profession and after passing an engineering degree, less than 50% of graduates remain in the engineering profession. Wages of engineers have not kept pace with other professions such as lawyers and doctors. The goal is to make the engineering profession stronger in Ontario.

I ask for your Vote and support and I am always available to listen, learn and grow.

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